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Investing in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is a big, financial commitment for homeowners. This investment can help keep your home comfortable for decades to come, but you’ll need to consider many factors before selecting the right one, from price to size. After finding the best system for your home, you can protect your investment with an extended warranty.

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What Is an Extended Warranty?

Many manufacturers offer single-year warranties to cover the cost of repair and labor needs. While this warranty can ensure your HVAC systems have functioning parts and undergo the right installation processes, you will have to pay out of pocket for any services once your warranty expires. Faulty parts and labor services can become costly, causing many people to avoid necessary services or trying to make repairs themselves.

Extended warranty HVAC services are additional plans that offer coverage beyond the original warranty. These services often come in 5- to 10-year plans, helping protect your HVAC equipment throughout the bulk of its life span. If you sign up for an extended warranty, it will activate after the manufacturer’s one-year warranty ends.

Extended warranties cover two essential services — parts and labor. Parts warranties only cover the cost of the replacement parts or materials, so you won’t have to pay for the things that keep your machinery running. Your extended warranty with Del-Air will include labor coverage, covering the labor costs associated with installing or replacing parts, which can sometimes be more expensive than the parts themselves.


Why Should You Get an Extended Warranty?

Warranties are essential for homeowners investing in new HVAC systems or equipment. They can help cover hefty repair and replacement costs, protecting you from unexpected equipment malfunctions. When you have a warranty to cover the cost of repairs, replacements and installations, you can ensure optimal functionality for your equipment.

When parts break or stop working correctly, they can strain other equipment in your AC and cooling systems, causing them to work harder and compensate for those broken pieces. This can lead to your system failing before its determined life span, causing you to purchase new equipment before you need to. Investing in home air conditioning warranty services can help ensure you always have access to the care you need to keep your equipment running well.

Air conditioning systems that function efficiently also mean that you will have better energy and cost efficiency when running your HVAC systems. Because parts don’t have to overcompensate for damages or low performance, they will only need the average amount of energy to function. You can save money on your energy bills and create a greener home when you invest in an AC extended warranty that provides continual care for your home.

Overall, investing in an extended warranty for your HVAC systems can help ensure you and your family have continual comfort that lasts throughout your equipment’s promised life span. Extended warranties can help you get the maintenance and parts you need to keep the level of comfort you like in your home without costing you too much.

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What Makes Del-Air Different?

If you are looking for an extended warranty HVAC company, Del-Air can help you find the right plan for your needs. We offer two extended warranty programs to provide you with extensive coverage on your AC unit(s).

As a local Florida company, we understand the importance of maintaining your air conditioning units to stay comfortable all summer long. A Del-Air warranty can help you stay cool during the long hot seasons while operating your system as efficiently as possible.


5-Year Del-Air Extended Warranty

Del-Air’s 5-year extended warranty is an excellent option for people who want comprehensive coverage after the initial year. This means your protection starts at the beginning of the second year and continues through the fifth.

This extended warranty plan includes both parts and labor costs. You can optimize your savings and protection for your new AC unit. Especially since Del-Air offers comprehensive air conditioning services and care, you can make the most of what we provide with your extended warranty while staying within your budget.


10-Year Del-Air Extended Warranty

If you want more protection, then consider Del-Air’s 10-year extended warranty. Most HVAC equipment lasts just over a decade, so this type of extended warranty can help provide coverage for almost the entirety of your system’s life span. Our 10-year plan offers protection from years two through 10, for an extra nine years of coverage that you wouldn’t get with just a single-year warranty.

Like the 5-year warranty, the 10-year plan has parts and labor coverage. Maintenance and repairs can become essential as your equipment ages and parts begin to wear. When you opt for a 10-year extended warranty, you can continue maintaining your air conditioning system for its life span.

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New HVAC equipment can be a significant investment. You can protect your new systems and your finances with warranty plans. While your purchase might come with a manufacturer warranty, extended warranties from Del-Air can offer you increased access to services, including maintenance, replacements and repairs. With an extended warranty, you can maintain your air conditioner’s quality while optimizing your comfort and efficiency.

Del-Air offers two extended warranty options, so you can select the plan that works best for you and your equipment’s needs. We offer a wide selection of air conditioning and other HVAC systems from some of the best brands, helping you find the unit that will help keep your home comfortable during Florida’s hottest days. With a comprehensive set of services and highly trained technicians, you can trust Del-Air to handle all your air conditioning maintenance, replacement and repair needs.

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