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Start Saving Money Today With These Energy Efficient Tips

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Start Saving Money Today With These Energy Efficient Tips

Start Saving Money Today With These Energy Efficient Tips

It’s not uncommon for Florida residents to see their energy bills skyrocket during the summertime. In fact, in an effort to keep homes cool and dry, Floridians may find that a majority of their electric bill is going toward air conditioning during the summer months. Along with providing emergency Tampa AC repair services, we strive to help homeowners lower electric bills without sacrificing their family’s comfort. Check out the following tips for saving money on your monthly energy bills:

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat.

It’s easy to forget to turn down the air conditioning unit before leaving home for the day. Programmable thermostats allow users to preset temperatures in their houses based on their own specific schedules. Save money by keeping the temperature a little higher when you’re at work during the day, and lower on weekends and evenings when the family is at home.

2. Change Your Air Filter.

Want to save money while doing your part to preserve energy? Change your air filter more frequently! Not only does a clean filter enable your system to circulate air more efficiently, but it also protects the quality of the air your family is breathing. For best results, Del-Air recommends that clients switch out their filters once a month during the hottest parts of the year.

3. Check Your AC System for Leaks.

Leaky AC ducts allow cool air to escape while raising energy bills. To improve your system’s efficiency this year, check for leaks around the house and in the ductwork. If you do discover a leak, don’t hesitate to contact the expert Tampa AC repair technicians at Del-Air for immediate service. After all, repairing your system now will cost far less than replacing it outright in the future.

4. Book Regular AC System Maintenance.

If you own a home in Florida, then you know how important it is to maintain a working air conditioning system throughout the year. Regular AC tune-ups not only keep your unit in good working order, but they also help prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Contact Del-Air for Energy Savings

At Del-Air, our expert Tampa AC repair technicians are dedicated to helping client save money while reducing their carbon footprints. Follow the above energy efficient tips to start saving today. Are you using your air conditioning unit in the most efficient way? If so, share this post and tell us your additional tips and tricks to save money while practicing energy efficiency.