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Take a Load Off! Find Out How You Can Save Energy with Your Commercial HVAC

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Take a Load Off! Find Out How You Can Save Energy with Your Commercial HVAC

Take a Load Off! Find Out How You Can Save Energy with Your Commercial HVAC
pinwheel-123572_1280Is your business racking up serious HVAC bills each month? Energy costs can be a significant burden on the average commercial property owner. Based in Orlando, Del-Air’s Commercial Services Division offers expert service for independent businesses, retail centers, and HOAs throughout Florida, including Orlando heating services. Here are some of our top tips for saving energy with your commercial HVAC system this year:

Commercial Energy-Saving Tips

Want to cut your business’ utility bills? Consider reducing the amount of heat and AC used in your building. While it seems obvious, lowering your air conditioner’s thermostat a few degrees during the summer can have a serious impact on your energy costs. For best results, turn the temperature up at night and down during the day when you’re working.

When it comes to cutting energy costs, windows may not be the first building component that comes to mind. However, installing energy-efficient storm windows can do a great deal to reduce lost heat during the winter and AC in summer. Just make sure the windows are installed correctly, so air can’t leak through the gaps.

Did you know that the lighting method you choose can affect your utility costs? Because they reduce heat gain, LED lights save on energy costs in the long term. As an added benefit, these lights are cool to the touch and can be run for hours at a time.

Just as lighting impacts your energy costs, so does the office equipment you select. Business owners should choose more efficient office machines and equipment in order to keep temperatures down. Additionally, you should make an effort to turn off computers and other heat-producing items when they aren’t being used.

Does your business get an unusual amount of sunlight? If so, you may want to consider installing window screens or films to reduce solar gain on east- and west-facing windows. Transparent sheets of metal and films reflect heat away before it can be transferred through the window. The end result is a reduction in AC bills throughout the year.

Cut Your Energy Costs with Del-Air

An EPA-certified company, Del-Air supplies Florida home and business owners with a wide array of air conditioners that are also energy efficient along with providing Orlando heating services. Along with helping you save energy with your commercial HVAC, we can inform you about possible tax credits and manufacturer rebates. Call us today or learn more about our commercial AC services online.