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When Do You Buy a New Air Conditioner?

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When Do You Buy a New Air Conditioner?

When Do You Buy a New Air Conditioner?
bannerHow much are you spending on your home energy costs? If you’re like most Floridians, then you’re probably paying more than you want to for heating and air conditioning. And while there’s nothing you can do to mitigate the hot Florida climate, there may be a way of cutting your HVAC bills in the coming years. The following are signs that it may be time to buy a new Tampa air conditioner unit for your home or business:

Frequent air conditioner repairs.

How many times did your air conditioner break down this year? If you’re spending more money on AC service than you did in the past, it may be time to purchase a brand-new system from Del-Air. As an added bonus, most new ACs include manufacturer warranties, so you’ll have zero maintenance costs for the near future.

An aging air conditioner.

Not only do new systems require less maintenance, but they also tend to do a better job of cooling your home. In fact, experts estimate that replacing your old AC unit could cut cooling costs by 30-50 percent. And because newer AC models are more energy efficient, they will reduce your utility bill along with your carbon footprint. If you’ve had your current air conditioner for 12 years or more, it might be time to purchase a replacement.

Temperature inconsistencies.

Do some rooms in your home feel like a sauna while others seem more like a meat locker? If your home is burdened by temperature inconsistencies, the cause may be duct issues, insulation problems, or even an improperly sized AC unit. Talk to a Del-Air representative about choosing an air conditioner that will do a better job of managing your climate control needs moving forward.

Buy Your New AC from Del-Air and Save

These days, selecting an air conditioning unit is more complex than ever. At Del-Air, we take pride in working alongside homeowners to help them make the best decisions regarding their climate control needs. Learn more about a new Tampa air conditioner unit and then call to schedule an appointment with our team by calling (855) 972-9943