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Does Your AC Keep Turning Off & On?

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Does Your AC Keep Turning Off & On?

Does Your AC Keep Turning Off & On?

If you have an air conditioner that turns on and off every few seconds or minutes, you might need to contact an air conditioning company like Del-Air for AC repair in Tampa. Known as short cycling, this problem occurs when the air conditioner doesn’t follow the normal on and off “cycle,” which varies with the outside temperature.

Unfortunately, short cycling results in various negative effects, such as wearing out the outside unit’s compressor. Because repairing a compressor is expensive, homeowners often opt to replace their AC units in their entirety rather than having them fixed.

So, what causes short cycling? Here are three common problems that might be affecting your AC unit’s function and causing it to turn off and on:

  • Low Refrigerant/Freon – Part of the compressor’s job is to pump out oil. However, if the AC does not run for a sufficient amount of time, the oil could remain in the system. As a result, it does not keep the compressor appropriately lubricated.
  • Oversized Air Conditioner – Bigger air conditioners aren’t necessarily better. In fact, ACs that are too large or too strong for your home’s size, can cool the space too quickly. The result is an AC that turns on and off regularly and unpleasant temperature changes that affect your family’s comfort in the home.
  • Poorly Located Thermostat – If your thermostat is located near a door or large window or placed near a stove or oven, it might be giving off inaccurate temperature readings that cause AC short cycling.

There are other issues that can cause your AC to short cycle, but these three are some of the most common ones. If you’re concerned about short cycling or another maintenance issue affecting your system, don’t hesitate to call Del-Air for assistance.

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