A refrigerator is essential for keeping your family’s food fresh. You can prevent an inconvenient breakdown by replacing an older fridge with a newer, more efficient model. A new refrigerator is a big investment, but you’ll get it back over time through energy savings and lower utility bills. Here are a few common signs you need a new refrigerator for your Fort Myers, Florida, home.

Condensation or Frost

Water on the outside of your refrigerator or lots of frost in your freezer could be a sign that you need to have the rubber sealing on your door replaced. If there’s nothing wrong with the seal, your refrigerator’s motor could fail soon. You can save energy and avoid digging through excess ice or spoiled food with a new frost-free unit.

A Hot or Noisy Motor

If you can hear your refrigerator running constantly, it’s struggling to keep your food cold. You may also notice lots of excess heat around your fridge. Refrigerators work like air conditioners and heat pumps to transfer heat away, so you should feel some extra heat near the back of your unit. If you notice extra heat more than about a foot away from the back, you should have your refrigerator replaced.

Spoiled Food

If your food often spoils before the expiration date, the temperature in your refrigerator may not be low enough. You could also notice partially defrosted items or melted ice cubes in your freezer. See if your refrigerator is connected to adequate power, and check the doors to be sure they’re tightly closed. If you don’t notice any other problems, a new fridge is the best way to prevent spoiled food and breakdowns.

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