If you own and operate a business in the Orlando area, then you probably already know central air conditioning is essential to ensuring the comfort of your customers and staff throughout the year. Unfortunately, all that coolness comes with a serious price tag. To minimize the burden on business owners, Tampa air conditioning service provider, Del-Air, offers the following tips for saving money on your commercial energy bills without sacrificing the comfort of your team:

  1. Seek Regular Maintenance

    If you want to save money on your AC system, it’s important to arrange for regular maintenance. Not only do AC tune-ups maximize unit performance and efficiency, but they also help keep repair costs down while expanding the lifespan of your unit. Here are some of the many checks the Del-Air team performs during our annual maintenance visits:
    • Replace all AC unit filters
    • Measure airflow and check ducts for obstructions
    • Verify voltage and amperage in the unit
    • Lubricate motor shaft and bearings as needed
    • Check condition of belts and bearings for unnecessary wear
    • Adjust belts for maximum performance
    • Clear and inspect each condensate drain
    • Tighten all electrical connections
    • Check wiring for nicks and kinks
    • Inspect pipes and fittings in the refrigerant cooling system
    • Check the condition of the condenser and evaporator coils
    • Calibrate thermostats and verify accuracy
    • Clear dampers for maximum venting
    • Verify proper system operation through multiple cooling cycles
  2. Clean Your Air Filters

    When was the last time you cleaned out your AC filters? If it’s been awhile, the accumulated dust and dirt may be affecting your system’s performance. For best results, replace filters at regular intervals to provide better cooling throughout your facility.
  3. Replace Old Systems

    If your current air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it may be time to upgrade to a new model. Because new ACs are more energy efficient, replacing your system can reduce your utility bills along with your overall carbon footprint.

Cut Your Utility Bills with Help from Del-Air

It’s no secret that running your AC around the clock can cost your business a great deal in utility charges. Fortunately, you can take steps to limit these costs by arranging for regular AC maintenance. If you need more information regarding how to save money on your commercial energy bills, browse the Tampa air conditioning services expert’s blog or call Del-Air at (855) 972-9943 today. You can also feel free to schedule an AC repair appointment with a member of our team online.

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