1. Superior efficiency in a single system: As one single piece of high-tech equipment, a heat pump maintains optimal climate conditions in your home throughout the year – it’s an air conditioner that cools and heats! New heat pumps on the market meet current SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings for improved effectiveness.
  2. Big savings: Greater efficiency means decreased waste, and that saves you big money on utility bills, plain and simple.
  3. Durability: Heat pumps can easily last over 20 years in the southeastern US with very little maintenance required.
  4. Perfect for our warm climate: Acting as an air conditioner, a heat pump will keep your home cool and comfortable in the hot Florida summer. Since our regional temperatures stay on the warm side all year long, we don’t need elaborate furnace systems during the winter. A heat pump can produce inexpensive heat with 40 to 60% less energy than a traditional electric furnace.
  5. No flames, no fumes: Heat pumps require no vent pipes or flues that occupy considerable closet and storage space in a typical Florida home. This also means you have more freedom of choice with the placement of your new Florida heat pump system!

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