Del-Air   Ceilings fans provide comfort to your home, regardless of the season.
Ceiling fans are found in almost all new homes. The devices produce air circulation and a cool breeze throughout the hot summer months. What some people don’t realize is that ceiling fans can also be used to spread warm air in the room. These fans can change the temperature by as much as a degree or 2, which in turn causes the heater and air conditioner to run less frequently. While 2 degrees sounds like a small amount, it does make a noticeable difference in utility costs over the course of a year. Does this Spark an idea? Ceiling Fan in Winter vs. Summer 1. Turn the fan’s power off and wait for the blades to stop spinning. 2. Locate the small direction-controlling switch on the fan. The switch is generally below the fan blades on the piece that the lights connect to. 3. Turn the fan on low speed and take note of which direction the fan turns. The best way to do this is to stand directly beneath the fan and look up at it. 4. Flip the directional switch so the fan turns counterclockwise during the warm seasons. This provides a constant breeze and flow of air circulation. 5. Flip the switch so the fan turns clockwise during the cold seasons. This takes the warm air from the ceiling and spreads it throughout the room.  

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