Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

Maintaining an air conditioner in a hot, humid area can present a unique set of problems. The air conditioner is probably the hardest working appliance in a home, running at least nine months out of the year and always under extreme humidity. This produces air conditioning problems due to wear and tear including (but not limited to) refrigerant leakage, heat sensor failure, clogged drains, and electrical malfunction. Most, if not all, of these problems can be avoided with proper maintenance. Refrigerant leakage If you feel that the air is blowing but your house is not cooling, you likely have low levels of refrigerant. However, the solution may not be as simple as refilling your unit with refrigerant. In most cases, low refrigerant levels are a result of a leakage somewhere in the system. Fixing this leakage is vital to maintain the health of your air conditioning unit. Even if there is no leakage and you choose to refill it yourself, knowing how much to put into your unit is not an easy task. To avoid causing further damage to your unit, call an air conditioning repair service. Clogged drains, heat sensor failure, and electrical malfunction Unfortunately, many air conditioner problems are not easily diagnosed. Clogged drains, bad heat sensors, and damaged electrical systems can all cause the air conditioning unit to shut down. All of these problems require plumbing and electrical know-how to diagnose and fix safely. For your own protection, it is best to rely on an air conditioning repair service to get your unit running again, like Del-Air.  

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