A heat pump, as its name suggests, doesn’t create heat but rather
moves it by means of a pumping mechanism, either from your house to the
outside (thereby cooling your home) or from the outside in, to heat your
home during the winter. Moderate-to-warm climates benefit most from heat
pumps, because they efficiently remove (pump) heat from your home to the
outdoors, but can be reversed to pull warmth from the air during cooler
months and pump it into a house, not generating heat but rather moving
existing warm air to where it is wanted. As you might imagine, in a bitterly
freezing winter climate, such as in Buffalo, New York, there’s not
much heat to be extruded from the air, so a supplementary heat source
might be required. However, here in Central Florida, heat pumps are sufficient
to heat the home for a month or two, and efficiently keep it cool and
comfortable for the rest of the year.

Del-Air has Florida heat pumps to suit any home or businesses’ air
conditioning needs. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, aka SEER ratios,
on our wide selection of heat pump products from brand names you know
and trust, indicate the energy efficiency of the unit. A higher SEER rating
indicates a lower (better) degree of energy consumption. Heat pumps are
ideal for Florida homes because they take advantage of existing heat,
rather than labor to create it!

When you place your hand over the fan of your condenser unit in the summer
time, you feel great gusts of hot air, right? This is not heat generated
by the work of the unit; rather it is the concentrated hot air that the
system is pulling from your home. Your Florida air conditioner is acting
as a Florida heat pump! The principal difference is that the process cannot
be reversed during the winter when you might want to heat your home. That’s
when most use a natural gas or electric furnace, and the main reason they
only experience slight relief on winter utility bills. Florida heat pumps
run on electricity, take advantage of existing heat rather than make it,
and allow you to save big on natural gas consumption. Is a heat pump right
for your Florida home? We think so! Call Del-Air to discuss the many Florida
heat pumps available for your home or business; and for free estimates
on our many superior HVAC products and services. A small investment in
a Florida heat pump today can indeed lead to tremendous savings in the
years ahead. Let us show you how. Call Del-Air Now –

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