Living in Florida, you probably don’t need to run your heater every
day during the winter. However, it’s important that you have a reliable
heating system in place in the event that a cold spell strikes. Del-Air specializes in installing and repairing furnaces and
heat pumps throughout Central Florida. Additionally, we offer valuable
advice to help our clients save on heating costs during the cold season.
Check out the money-saving heating tips below and then call Del-Air for any
heating services that you may need.

Top Energy-Saving Tips from Del-Air

Invest in Insulation

Heating costs on the high side last winter? The culprit may not be your
furnace but your insulation system. When insulation is old or damaged,
your HVAC system must work harder to replace the heat lost through walls
and windows. To keep your energy bills low, make sure your insulation
is in good condition. You may even want to upgrade to a more suitable
form of insulation depending on your home’s needs.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Interested in saving on heating costs without sacrificing your family’s
comfort? A programmable thermostat lets you schedule the heat to turn
on when you’re home and off while you’re at work or school.
As an added bonus, you can set the heater to come on moments before you
get home at night, so you won’t have to walk into a cold house.

Seal Up Leaks

Do you feel like you’re running your furnace nonstop? If so, you
may be losing heat to gaps in the walls and around windows. To cut down
on lost energy, take the time to caulk and seal air leaks in the walls,
floors, and ceilings as well as around plumbing systems. You can also
position foam gaskets behind electric outlets to prevent heat from being
lost to the outside.

Open the Curtains

Although updating your insulation and installing a thermostat can save
you big bucks in the long run, these options do require a small initial
investment. However, there’s one way to cut your heating bill without
spending a dime: open your curtains. A simple step, opening the curtains
allows sunlight to enter the home, providing natural heat and light. You
can lower your utility bills while enjoying the warmth of the sun on your
skin throughout the day.

Call Del-Air for All Your Heating and AC Needs

At Del-Air, we want to make sure you get the most out of your heating system.
From providing preventative maintenance to advising you on possible upgrades,
we can help you reduce your electric heating bills over the long term.
Call today and rest assured knowing Del-Air will handle all your
heating services in Florida.

How do you reduce your heating bills? Share your tips and tricks with us below.