Del-Air   We’ve all noticed an increase in our daily access to technology and the improved opportunities it can provide. Smart phones, notebooks, and panel televisions are everywhere and more affordable by the day. It should come as no surprise then, that advancements in technology are revitalizing the home security industry. So many exciting developments have come about that it might be a very good time to consider an upgrade to your home security system. Technological innovations are making our homes safer and smarter. Here are just a few examples from home security experts from Del-Air: Total Home Security System Automation: Turn lights on and off all around the home automatically from one central location, set thermostat temperatures for combined comfort and efficiency, and much more. Maximize security, comfort, and savings with Total Home Security System Automation! Interactive Door Locks: Now you can program your home’s door locks to provide specifically-timed access to expected visitors (such as residential service workers). Certain systems feature remote control of door locks with programmable guest codes, keeping the home securely locked until, for example, your child comes home from school or the house cleaner arrives for her weekly visit. Interactive Controls with Your Smartphone or Tablet: Amazing new apps for smart phones and electronic tablets mean you can now control your security system remotely and on-the-go. Monitor your security cameras, arm or disarm the system as needed and even turn lights off and on to provide the appearance of activity within the home when you’re actually away! Enhanced Security Camera Technology: Camera technology has grown by leaps and bounds even as recording devices have become smaller and more sophisticated. New monitoring options, including advanced pan/tilt/zoom cameras, stealthy indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to survey the interior and exterior of your home thoroughly and discretely. You can make sure the kids are behaving for the baby sitter, keep track of every visitor to your door, scan the perimeter of your residence, and much more! Want to learn more about the exciting new options available in home security systems? Speak with a home security expert at Del-Air! Our company specializes in the monitoring and maintenance of residential Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Medical Alert, Video Systems and more.  

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