While energy costs continue to trend upward and the economy heads in the
opposite direction, it’s a wise idea to optimize your A/C system’s
efficiency to avoid wasting money and resources. Read these tips from heating and air company, Del-Air.

Do you have an old, inefficient air conditioner?

Most of us do. Energy efficiency ratings (known as SEER or Seasonal Energy
Efficiency Ratio) changed in 2006 to meet higher standards of operation.
The previous numerical rating for residential air conditioning systems
was 7.5 to 10.0, but units manufactured after 2006 must maintain a SEER
rating of 13 or higher, which reflects a 30% improvement in efficiency.
Consumers who upgrade their residential a/c system to meet current energy
standards will see a marked improvement on their usage rates as well as
the bottom line on their utility bill.

Also consider:

Three major factors influencing your A/C system’s efficiency are:

-Inadequate coolant or refrigerant charge in the unit

-Leaking ducts which waste cooled air to the hot attic or outdoors –
researchers estimate a 20% average loss to the average Florida household
from this problem

-Evaporator coils which are dirty from dust and debris, decreasing efficiency
by nearly 5% annually

A study in Arizona (whose residents rely on their air conditioners just
as much as Floridians) discovered many common contributing factors to
wasted energy from residential air conditioners:

-75% of the units had dirty, debris-ridden condenser coils

-70% of the units had refrigerant charged either too low or too high

-55% of the units had dirty evaporator coils, degrading heat transfer

-45% of the units had clogged, dirty blower wheels

-35% of the systems had measurable leakage from the duct work

-10% of the units actually had an incorrect fan or motor installed

Don’t wait – improve your system’s efficiency today with
heating and air experts from Del-Air!

Replacing your home’s old air conditioning system with a new, ENERGY
STAR-qualified unit can easily lead to annual energy savings of 30%! Florida
residents spend on average over $1000 per year on the cooling and heating
of their homes – upgrading to a more efficient model from Del-Air
can have a tremendous and beneficial impact on both your bank account
and the environment.