Del-Air   Well, summer has arrived again. In many states north of us, people can get through summer with open windows and fans, but that’s not really possible here. A smooth-running, efficient HVAC system is especially necessary for residents of Central Florida because Florida’s summer heat can really put an air-conditioning system through its paces. An inefficient system could easily run without stopping 24 hours a day in our hottest weather. If your HVAC system runs almost continuously, the air temperature in your home is likely uncomfortable throughout the day. And you probably know that for each minute that your HVAC is running, your monthly energy bill is getting larger and larger. Sometimes it seems like dollar bills must be getting sucked into the air returns. A new HVAC system could be the solution to keeping you cool this summer and keeping money in your wallet in the long run. Don’t let this summer be an uncomfortable one. Del-Air can help you reduce your electric bill with the installation of an HVAC system that has a higher energy efficiency rating. Not only can we help you keep the air in your home cool, but we can make it 99.97% clean by adding HEPA filtration. We offer special financing, with convenient monthly payments. All you need to do is ask us for details when you call. We’ve helped keep Florida cool for over 30 years. All of our technicians are highly experienced, and they can help you make the best choice for your new HVAC. Give us a call at Del-Air today, and make this your coolest summer yet.  

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