Del-Air   Well, summer 2013 is nearly upon us, already! Some days it feels as though the years are simply flying by us – didn’t we just have summer? Of course it can be difficult to tell the seasons apart. However here at Del-Air we know a sure-fire way to make your days long and your nights even longer: Try living in your Central Florida home with a broken air conditioner. Talk about watching paint dry – or rather, melt! The best air conditioning repair you could ask for is a mere phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call the HVAC pros at Del-Air anytime you need air conditioning repair. The area has continually voted us #1 in service, and we take great pride in our total commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Del-Air is in the business of keeping you comfortable! There are many things that can go wrong within an air conditioning unit’s many parts and components. Being that your unit is most likely subjected to the elements of nature, including rain and extreme sun temperatures, corrosion of moving parts, dirt and debris accumulation and brittle, cracked wiring can all lead toward system breakdown. Discover what thousands throughout Central Florida have already learned – when you need air conditioning repair, turn to Del-Air! Have you heard of our excellent and flexible preventive maintenance packages? We can help you avoid costly HVAC system breakdowns with regular service plans that will keep your unit in excellent performance status all year long. Dirty air filters and evaporator cooling coils can quickly and significantly diminish your AC system’s efficiency, leading to even higher utility bills and potential system failure. What was it we were saying about time moving like molasses in winter? Since we’re talking about scorching Florida summers, perhaps a better comparison is in order. How about time moving like traffic on I-4 during a Friday rush hour? Now that’s slow… Don’t subject yourself and your family to sweltering stagnant air inside your home this summer! Call Del-Air for air conditioning repair!  

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