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Del-Air At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we proudly offer a complete range of HVAC services throughout the state of Florida. From installing high-quality ENERGY STAR products to maintaining clients’ systems year round, we do it all while staying on top of the latest HVAC developments and trends. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), HVAC efficiency standards for residential equipment underwent changes as of April 2014. Read on to learn more about the new 2015 HVAC standards affecting your family in the coming months from your air conditioning service professionals.: New Seasonal Energy Ratio (SEER) Standards As of 2015, the DEO will hold air conditioners and heat pumps to new SEER standards. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the effectiveness of a system as compared to the energy input required. While a SEER of 13 is the current standard for air conditioners, new units will be required to have a SEER of 14 or higher. Additionally, heat pumps must now possess a minimum efficiency of 8.2 HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. FTC EnergyGuide Label Another change to 2015 HVAC Standards involves the FTC EnergyGuide labeling. According to the Energy Labeling Rule, HVAC manufacturers are required to reveal a product’s energy costs and efficiency information on the tag. In the past, the yellow hang-tags on HVAC systems featured a single rating point for SEER level. However, according to the new policy, the labels must include the SEER range for all the condenser’s certified coil combinations. Moving forward the aggregate SEER for all the system components must meet current guidelines. Contact Del-Air for Your Heating and Cooling Needs At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we are proud to be Orlando’s top choice for HVAC services. Thanks to our firm dedication to customer satisfaction, you won’t ever have to worry about being left in the cold when the temperature plummets. Check out the Del-Air blog to stay up to date on the latest trends in heating and cooling and then contact us to schedule an appointment with our air conditioning service professionals. We look forward to helping keep your family comfortable year-round.

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