Now is the Best Time for AC Repair, Orlando!

With the holidays fast approaching and cooling season over, you may be tempted to wait until spring to do that AC work you realized you needed at the end of the summer. That would most likely be a wallet hurting mistake. The main reason not to delay AC repair, Orlando, is that it will probably affect your heating as well. Nearly all Orlando homes have a central heat pump that provides both heating and cooling to the entire home. Heating mode is essentially cooling mode running in reverse so the majority of problems that affect your cooling will also affect your heating. If the problem seemed minor, you may be tempted to put it off and consider roughing it during the couple of weeks when freezing temperatures arise. There are two downsides to this. First, heating mode generally consumes more electricity than cooling mode so any losses in efficiency will be magnified. Second, your heat pump’s systems rely on each other and when one begins struggling, other parts will have additional strain placed on them to compensate. This may turn a small problem into a larger one. The final reason not to delay AC repair in Orlando is the cost and convenience of the work outside the summer cooling season. When HVAC contractors in Orlando aren’t busy with summer emergency calls, it is much easier to get a convenient appointment with a discount. Rather than being surprised by an early heat wave and having to pay a premium rate to have someone come out at night, you can schedule an appointment one morning when the kids are home for the summer holidays.  

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