Del-Air   The crucial role of security cameras in this past month’s Boston Marathon bombing tragedy highlights their many potential benefits in Florida home security as well. Statistics from the FBI’s official website indicate that more than 300,000 people per second watched the video surveillance footage released on Thursday. As technology improves, the sophistication of home security systems increases while the costs simultaneously decrease. This is of course great news for Florida homeowners, a great many of whom are now choosing to have professional home security systems installed in their houses. Del-Air is widely recognized as a leader in Florida home security, offering installation, maintenance and central monitoring. These include video monitoring, burglar alarms, fire alarms, and medical alert services. What are some of the benefits of a Florida home security system from your friends at Del-Air?
  • UL-Certified Monitoring with a Live Operator
  • Save Up to 20% on Your Homeowner’s Insurance
  • No Charge for Installation
  • Standard Systems Come with Zero Equipment Costs
  • Affordable $99 Activation Fee
  • Theft Protection Guarantee
Want to improve your existing Florida home security? Let Del-Air take over the monitoring and maintenance of your current system, and we’ll give you great starting rates of only $21.99/month for 36 months! A new system from Del-Air allows you to control your home’s security, lighting, thermostats and video monitors with an internet connection or an app on your smart phone! Now you can have peace of mind no matter where you are, and know that your home is safe and secure, even while you are on vacation. With Del-Air’s great reputation for above-and-beyond customer service, affordable pricing and truly caring staff of professionals, we are Florida’s premier choice for comprehensive home security solutions! Call us today to discuss your Florida home security needs!  

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