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Reliable Heat Pump Service

Worried about your heating and cooling bills? Want to improve your comfort while adding real value to your home? Talk to Del-Air about new installations or heat pump replacement for your Clermont home. We strive to deliver the highest quality HVAC service in the county, and so far, we’re doing an outstanding job.

Heat Pump Selection and Installation

If you’re used to furnaces and air conditioners providing indoor comfort, heat pumps will amaze you with their simplicity and potential for ongoing savings. These devices heat and cool your home. They use less energy than traditional alternatives, too, which means a property value boost for you. Simple green initiatives like switching to energy efficient appliances are one of the easiest ways to get a leg up when you sell your home.

At Del-Air, we’ve spent over 31 years repairing and maintaining heat pumps. We know first-hand which models and brands last. We choose our selection based on real-world value.

Like our assortment of top-performing brands? Then wait until you meet our installation staff. We employ only the most skilled, professional, NATE-certified technicians. Our team will accurately gauge the amount of heating and cooling power you need, and install your new unit to the exact specifications.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repairs

The Del-Air team is available 24/7 to fix any heat pump issues that may arise. Our techs are the best at delivering prompt, professional service in the blink of an eye. It helps that we have a fleet of over 400 repair vans, all stocked and ready to roll out whenever you need our assistance.

Common repairs for heat pumps in Clermont include:

  • Iced-over unit
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Blocked airflow

Along with heat pump repairs, we provide regular maintenance too. Before the heating or cooling season kicks in, schedule a service call. One of our technicians will perform a thorough inspection, checking your mechanical and electrical components for problems. At the same time, your system will be adjusted for optimal performance.

Regular maintenance reduces the amount of work it takes to make your home comfortable. This cuts down on your energy use and your monthly bills. A well-functioning system does a better job of keeping your home comfortable too.

Choosing the Best HVAC Service for Your Home and Budget

While touted as an energy-efficient option, heat pumps are wonderful for your budget too. They last longer than traditional heating and cooling equipment, and they result in lower bills each month of their operation. In the long run, you can save an astonishing amount of money by upgrading to an efficient heat pump, but your HVAC maintenance crew makes a world of difference.

Del-Air provides top-notch heat pump service in Clermont, FL. Whenever you need help with maintenance, installation or repairs, call (855) 972-9943 for 24-hour HVAC care.