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Upgrade your current home cooling solution with innovative, new equipment from Goodman. Invest in HVAC equipment you can count on to last for years to come and to perform well every minute of their operation. Talk to a Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning representative now.

New Advancements in Indoor Cooling

The HVAC industry has undergone a surprising number of changes over the past 10 years. The EPA now encourages homeowners to upgrade any AC units that are a decade old or older.

While they may still be in decent condition, older Goodman air conditioning units are outdated. The new efficiency rates offered will save massive amounts of energy. In the end, these advancements are big enough to help your system pay for itself in a surprisingly short time.

We carry Goodman air conditioning units with exceptional SEER ratings and add-ons controlling air quality, humidity and other features from Orlando to Bradenton and beyond. This is exactly what’s needed to regulate temperatures in Florida homes. You’ll be surprised by all the benefits you’ll get by making the switch to a Goodman system. Of course, one of the biggest advantages to scheduling an upgrade is being able to plan for the work. Waiting until your current system fails could mean waiting it out in the brutal Florida heat.

Keep Your Goodman AC Running Strong in Orlando, FL

Regular maintenance is no laughing matter. A seasonal checkup ensures your Goodman system will run at top efficiency. How? One of our NATE-certified, factory-trained technicians will give your unit a thorough inspection. This allows you to identify and fix any excessively worn parts before they give out.

A breakdown will leave you scrambling for sufficient air conditioning. Get ahead of this problem with help from Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning.

Following an inspection, the technician will lube, tighten, and clean the various parts of your AC. This lowers resistance, allowing your unit to cool your home while using less energy. Want to pay less all year for a more comfortable indoor environment? Take advantage of Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning’s affordable maintenance plan today. It’ll get you the very best return on your Goodman purchase.

Invest in a Leading Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Reputation counts when it comes to home services. You know your Goodman air conditioning system will last because their units have shown that they can stand up to the test of time. Similarly, you know you can count on Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve been in business for over three decades. Some of our clients have been with us from the very beginning. We won’t point you astray.

While certain HVAC providers install generic units, we care too much about your investment — and our reputation — to do that. We only carry the top-performing models we can trust to do the job right.

Experience the Del-Air Difference in Orlando, FL

Looking to upgrade to Goodman air conditioning? Maybe you’d just like to schedule maintenance or a small repair? Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning handles HVAC installation, maintenance and more. Give us a call today at 407-490-1292 to schedule a service or to discover your options. Contact us today to learn more!


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Goodman Air Conditioning Units

Goodman Air Conditioning Units

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See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

We are so grateful that Del-Air took care of us. It was an easy initial call. They ran routine service/maintenance. In that appointment, Raymond showed us areas in our air units that needed addressing. He took his time and made sure he made a thorough inspection of all the equipment. And what a nice gentleman. We…

Corie L.

Sanford, FL

All of my service techs have been outstanding. This month, my Tech was meticulous and professional. I fully recommend Del-Air for products, service, and maintenance. I have purchased two AC units in my life now and both were from Del-Air!

Tara T.

Sanford, FL

I highly recommend Del-Air for their exceptional experience and honesty. I have been a loyal customer for over a decade, and they recently installed a new water heater to replace my old one. The service provided by the technician was outstanding - he was pleasant and knowledgeable. It was a great experience overall. If you're looking…

Tango S.

Sanford, FL

Our experience with Del-Air was amazing! They definitely exceeded our expectations. A technician from a different company accidentally cut our A/C line, and Del-Air came out within a few hours of our call. They fixed the problem quickly and also noticed that we were due for a recharge. After the technician left, our A/C was up…

Angela M.

Sanford, FL

Called for A/C service in the morning and had a great technician at my house by noon. I needed a new blower motor. Del-Air was able to get the part and had it installed within a couple of hours. Our technician added some preventative maintenance and we signed up for an annual maintenance plan. Great service…

Alex D.

Sanford, FL