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Your home’s comfort involves more than just heating and cooling, and Honeywell taps into all the areas of climate control modern homeowners need. If you own a newer home, it’s likely well built, with advanced insulation, window and door options to close any potential gaps. While wonderful for energy efficiency, this can actually lead to poor-quality indoor air, among other problems. Look at the homes in Orlando, FL to see the vast array of Honeywell air conditioning products we offer, including portable air conditioning units and smart thermostats.

Unique Cooling Solutions by Honeywell in Orlando, FL

Unlike some of our other leading brands, Honeywell fills gaps in services experienced by Florida homeowners. If you have a need for portable AC units or a new thermostat, this is the perfect company to look to for solutions. With so many options available, it helps to have a knowledgeable guide to walk you through the available features. Call Del-Air whenever you need help navigating alternatives to your current heating and cooling equipment.

If you need extra air filtration or a programmable thermostat you can adjust from anywhere, give us a call. You’ll be surprised by the variety of projects one brand can bring to the table. Discover how Honeywell can make you more comfortable and slash your bills at the same time.

The Impact of Regular Maintenance

Perhaps you already have Honeywell equipment in your Clermont home. Keep it in tip-top shape to get the most from your investment. At Del-Air, we’ve come to embrace the saving power of seasonal maintenance. We even have affordable plans that will ensure your HVAC system runs reliably all year.

Our technicians aren’t just well-trained. They’re NATE-certified and capable of solving any air conditioning issue that comes their way in Melbourne, Tampa, and even Bradenton. Count on receiving prompt and professional service, and don’t be afraid to give us a call today.

We know Florida AC isn’t a luxury, and we take our role seriously. With over 400 fully stocked repair trucks ready to go whenever you need them, Del-Air is dedicated to servicing your Honeywell air conditioning system to provide relief from the Jacksonville heat whenever it’s needed.

Today’s Most Efficient Thermostats

Your Honeywell air conditioning system begins and ends with a functioning thermostat, and they make some of the most impressive on the market. We carry everything from the most basic units to the top-of-the-line programmable modules.

The most advanced are considered smart thermostats because they can be accessed by Wi-Fi. Program your AC system via cell phone or tablet. This allows you to raise the temperature while you’re away to save on energy costs and usage while still being able to be comfortable as soon as you arrive home. Simply readjust the temperature a few minutes before you get home.

Get familiar with the latest Honeywell features by getting in touch with a Del-Air HVAC technician today.

Expert Opinions on Your Cooling Options

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Honeywell air conditioner or you need repairs, Del-Air is always here to help. Dial (888) 831-2665 or visit us online to schedule a service call.

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