Annual AC Maintenance in Orlando & All of Florida

Regular Service Saves You Money – Here’s How:

Regular service keeps quality performance up while holding operating costs down. This is the service philosophy you use with your vehicles, so why should your HVAC equipment be any different? As utility rates continue to rise, you’ll want to get the best mileage out of your system by keeping it running at peak efficiency.

Annual Maintenance Plans to Fit Your Needs & Budget

Del-Air is proud to offer these popular annual maintenance agreements. Choose the one that suits your particular needs, or call your Del-Air customer service representative today for a free consultation on the best package for you. See the checklist below to see which ones are applicable to each package.

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20-Point Checklist

  1. Check system for proper refrigerant charge
  2. Check compressor and fan amps
  3. Check and clean condenser fan
  4. Check capacitors
  5. Check contactor points
  6. Brush out electrical cabinet
  7. Check all caps and valves for seals and/or proper fit
  8. Check thermostat operation and mounting plus damper open/close
  9. Check blower amps
  10. Check heat strip amps, circuit components, and safeties
  11. Check/evaluate evaporator coil for buildup
  12. Check blower wheel for buildup
  13. Check all electrical connections and wires
  14. Change/wash filter
  15. Check temperature splits
  16. Lubricate all moving parts where applicable
  17. Flush and vacuum drain line/pan and evaluate drainage
  18. Check float switch operation
  19. Clean equipment exterior
  20. Check final performance and report necessary improvements

20-Point Plus Checklist

Includes all of the points above plus:

  1. Clean vegetation, etc. from the outdoor unit
  2. Check and clean condenser coil
  3. Check crankcase heater
  4. Check reversing valve operation
  5. Check for excessive vibration
  6. Check condenser level
  7. Check safety controls where applicable
  8. Clean/dust return air grills
  9. Treat Air Handler/evap coil/case coil
  10. Treat plenum with micro-band and check for leaks

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