Kissimmee AC Repair

With summer fast approaching, it’s important to make sure your AC unit is functioning appropriately. Not only will a broken air conditioner affect your family’s comfort, increasing instances of asthma and allergies, but it can also lead to a rise in humidity rates. In the long run, unchecked humidity can result in mold and other issues in your home. The best way to protect both your family and home is to have your Kissimmee AC repair completed before the start of the season.

A leader in air conditioning sales and repair, Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning provides a full range of climate control services throughout the Kissimmee area. By arranging for a professional to install your AC system and scheduling periodic maintenance and inspections, you can reduce the chances of your unit breaking down at an inopportune moment. We are also available for emergency HVAC repair in Kissimmee, FL, at no extra charge.

Cooling System Repairs

HVAC systems are very sensitive as they rely on appropriate airflow and pressure levels to perform correctly. Installed appropriately, your system should run well for 10 years or more. Unfortunately, when you attempt to do this work on your own, you can set yourself up for years of trouble. Working on a gas unit without the appropriate training can lead to life-threatening situations.

There are select problems that can be safely managed on their own. Is your air conditioning refusing to turn on? Before scheduling AC repair in Kissimmee, FL, check to make sure the fuse or breaker to your unit is functioning properly. Test your thermostat to make sure it’s working correctly too. Finally, change the filter and clear any vents to the outdoors. Blockages and power problems are simple, but common problems that interrupt your HVAC services.

Beyond these issues, it’s always best to call in a professional – the sooner, the better. Mechanical problems won’t disappear on their own. In fact, they get worse over time, increasing the work needed to make things right. Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning is a top choice for air conditioning repair in Kissimmee, FL. Our focus is always on improving your comfort while cutting costs, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. Your comfort and safety is our top priority. We don’t even charge extra for emergency repairs performed at night or on the weekends.

24/7 Emergency AC Service

Along with regular AC tune-ups, the team at Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning offers 24-hour HVAC repair in Kissimmee, FL, for all your middle-of-the-night breakdowns. From fixing a broken compressor to repairing a cracked duct, we strive to get your system running again as quickly as possible. You don’t have to worry about being hit by a hefty bill, you can be rest assured knowing we have the skill and staff to handle even the most complicated Kissimmee AC repairs with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Let Del-Air Handle Your Kissimmee AC Repair

As Florida residents ourselves, we understand how important it is to find an AC repair company you can trust. Kissimmee’s top choice for air conditioning sales and service, Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, boasts a 400-truck fleet, so you can feel confident knowing we’ll be there whenever you need 24-hour HVAC service in Kissimmee, FL. Additionally, we have experience with all major brands including Carrier, Trane, and Lennox.

Keep your home comfortable and safe with help from Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, Kissimmee’s top choice in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair. Contact us online today or dial (888) 831-2665 to make an appointment.


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