Del-Air   A recent break in a long-running string of burglaries around Orlando homes has residents breathing a sigh of relief. Police arrested three people late Tuesday, May 28th after a Baldwin Park resident spotted them breaking into a neighborhood home. In the suspects’ car thousands of dollars in valuable laptops, jewelry and other items were found. Orlando police have been increasing their presence in the region where the break-ins were occurring, assigning anti-crime and tactical patrol units to the area. It’s welcome news to hear of the bad guys getting caught for once. The fear and sense of insecurity fostered when homes within walking distance of your own are burglarized and vandalized are stressors no community should have to endure. It’s a sad state of affairs when locking your home while you’re at work isn’t sufficient protection, but alas, it simply isn’t. What would be an almost certain guarantee that your house would be passed over by such crooks? An Orlando home security system from Del-Air. Advances in wireless technologies allow you anytime-access via your smart phone or tablet; and with their patented CRASH-and-SMASH detection abilities, coupled with sophisticated video surveillance monitors, burglars would need to be quite foolish to even consider your home for a target. And if they do? Well it’s time to smile for the camera. And then a second time – for their mug shot. Many people only contemplate having an Orlando home security system installed after they’ve been robbed. Having one’s home burglarized brings a terrible sense of personal violation, intrusion, and justifiable anger. When the culprits are never caught, which happens all-too frequently, it adds insult to injury. Don’t wait to be victimized! Let burglars know you care enough about your family and your home to protect it with the best: A state-of-the-art Orlando home security system from your trusted neighbors at Del-Air! Call us at (855) 972-9943 to discover all the impressive features our different Orlando home security packages offer. These various features, including alerts sent to your smart phone when your kids get home, when a sensitive area such as a gun or liquor cabinet is opened, or even if you forgot to close the garage door, are all customizable to suit your personal home security requirements. Del-Air is sincere in our promise to keep Orlando homes both comfortable and safe. Call us today!  

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