3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Projects You Can Do On Your Own


At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we stress the importance of regular, professional-grade maintenance for your air conditioning unit. After all, periodic tune-ups are the best way to avoid more costly
repairs down the line. While some tasks require the attention of a professional
HVAC expert, there are other things that all homeowners should be doing
on their own in regard to maintaining their units. Here are three things
you can do to ensure your air conditioning unit stays healthy:

  • Check Your Filter: One maintenance task you can complete all on your own
    is cleaning your AC filters. Not only do dirty filters reduce airflow,
    but they can also send your energy bills skyrocketing and even cause the
    system to ice up. For best results, evaluate AC filters at the beginning
    of every month and replace them with new ones as needed.
  • Clean the Outdoor Component: The outdoor portion of an HVAC unit gets dirty
    easily. Not only can it be affected by dirt and dust, but plants and other
    vegetation can also affect the efficacy of your unit. To keep your system
    working, take the time to remove debris and cut back on branches and shrubbery.
    The goal is to leave at least 2 feet around the outdoor component of your system.
  • Assess the Evaporator Drain: When was the last time you gave your evaporator
    drain a close look? If your AC is blowing warm or weak, the odds are good
    that your coils are clogged. Fortunately, you can clean out your evaporator
    drain without calling the experts in most cases. Just keep in mind that
    you may need to seek professional help if debris is stuck on the fins
    or if the evaporator requires replacement.

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