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del-air   It’s no secret that air conditioning represents a significant investment. After spending all that cash on a new system, you want to know that it’s going to work properly and cool your home for years to come. Del-Air lists the three mistakes homeowners could be making with their AC units.
  • Heat Source Near the Thermostat: Covering up a thermostat will certainly heat it up, but direct sunlight and lamps, televisions, stereos, or other heat generators that are too close can accidentally drive up the temperature reading and overwork the air conditioner, or underwork the furnace. Moreover, if the temperature is too high, the thermostat might turn off automatically. The end result is that your home is too hot or cold for your taste. For best results, leave your thermostat alone and let it work as it was designed.
  • Blocking Air Vents: Blocked air vents can have a significant impact on your AC system’s efficiency as they increase the pressure in your system. Start by opening vents in unused rooms, as closed ones force your furnace to do more work. Keep vents uncovered and dust them often for a healthier, more efficient AC system that will go the distance.
  • Using a Super-Efficient Air Filter: Some people assume a higher number listed on an air filter package must mean it’s better, but a very efficient air filter can actually cause too much drag in air flow. While low-efficiency filters can fail to collect dust and other allergens, high-efficiency ones might force the AC to work too hard. The end result is higher energy bills. For best results, choose a filter in the mid-efficiency range.
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