3 Steps of AC Maintenance

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Even the most energy-efficient air conditioners require periodic maintenance
to stay functional. Not only do regular tune-ups extend the lifespan of
your unit while keeping the warranty in good standing, but they also help
you detect issues early, meaning that
AC repair is less expensive. A leader in Florida HVAC services, Del-Air offers
various maintenance packages to meet customers’ unique needs. Here are 3 important steps for
thorough AC maintenance:


  • Inspection: It’s impossible to perform a meticulous AC tune-up if
    you don’t start by conducting an inspection. After a thorough inspection,
    a technician will let you know whether anything needs immediate repair
    so that you’re not inconvenienced by a sudden breakdown later on
    down the road. It’s better to replace a worn part now than to be
    forced to do so when it stops working on a hot summer night.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the components of an air conditioning system can help
    to improve efficiency and prevent repairs. Not only does a clean AC offer
    enhanced airflow, cooling your home more effectively, but it also prevents
    dust and debris from accumulating and causing equipment to break down
    in the future. At Del-Air, we clean and dust return air grills, as well
    as the equipment’s exterior to protect your system for the long
    haul. This maintenance also helps keep your warranty in good standing.
  • Adjustment: Some of your AC components will require a quick adjustment
    before your technician leaves the house. To help ensure your AC functions
    at top levels, the Del-Air technicians will make any necessary adjustments,
    such as lubricating moving parts, changing filters, and treating the air handler.

Count on Del-Air for AC Maintenance

Is your AC in need of maintenance? We have a variety of
maintenance programs that are sure to fit your needs and budget. You can rest assured knowing your HVAC system won’t require
AC repair at a crucial moment. Call Del-Air today at {F:P:Site:Phone to schedule
a consultation with our HVAC pros, or
book your maintenance appointment online.