3 Things To Recognize With Your AC Unit


If you live in a region that is considerably hotter and more humid than
the general population across the U.S., you
need to be aware of seasonal
air conditioning considerations. This will help you to better maintain your AC unit and
also to pick the best air conditioner when you’re ready to upgrade.
As a leader in AC installation and service, Del-Air prides itself on sitting
down with clients to help them choose the best new units for their needs
and maintain them through the years. Here are three things to remember
to help maintain your AC’s integrity.

  • Increased dust and humidity make your AC unit work harder: Dust and humidity
    can make your AC’s job a great deal harder. Not only does humidity
    make your home feel hotter, forcing your system to run longer and stronger
    to achieve the same cooling effects, but it also impacts the quality of
    the air your family is breathing.
  • Dirt and wind restrict airflow: Contaminants like dirt can have a significant
    effect on airflow in your home. Dust and debris clog up air filters. Over
    time, it impedes their ability to stop allergens and other substances
    from getting inside. For best results, arrange for a professional to clean
    or replace filters on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to
    open your windows now and then so fresh air can enter the home.
  • Protect AC coils from coastal corrosion: A common problem in coastal areas
    such as Florida, coastal corrosion occurs when salty ocean air erodes
    the metal components of your system, such as the coils. Over time, coastal
    erosion can affect the efficacy of your AC unit. In many cases, you will
    need to replace the coils or even the entire system to restore it to peak

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