3 Ways Low Coolant Affects Your Energy Costs


Refrigerant plays a key role in your
air conditioning in that it transfers heat out of or into your home, depending on the season.
When refrigerant levels are not where they should be, the efficiency of
the system begins to decrease, and your comfort level can suffer. In fact,
a report by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America reveals that a
system that’s low on refrigerant costs 20% more to operate annually.
Here are the three most common symptoms of low coolant:

  • Air That Is Barely Cool: Refrigerant plays a key role in the function of
    your AC system. By absorbing heat in the air, refrigerant enables the
    unit to cool your home. If the air coming out of your system is warm or
    barely cool, the problem may be one of insufficient refrigerant, and it’s
    a good idea to have the unit evaluated by a professional.
  • High Energy Bills: Utility bills too high to handle? The issue may be a
    lack of refrigerant in your unit. After all, if refrigerant levels are
    low due to a leak, the AC has to work longer and harder to achieve the
    same cooling results. Having your unit inspected is the best way to reduce
    those energy costs and extend its life.
  • AC Running Constantly: A constantly running AC system is a sign that your
    refrigerant levels could be perilously low. When refrigerant is leaking,
    the unit must run more frequently to achieve the desired temperature on
    your thermostat. As a result, your house takes an inconveniently long
    time to cool down.

Protect Your Energy Bills This Year

If you haven’t had your system cleaned and inspected recently, call
Del-Air for help. Our expert technicians can quickly determine if the
coolant in your system is to blame for the problems you are experiencing.
Once we identify the issue, we can correct it and start you on the road
to lower energy bills. For more information about our
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