3 Ways To Help Your AC Function At Full Capacity This Fall

Del-air HVAC

Thanks to our beautiful weather, we can expect to see the heat last far past the summer. This is why our residents are so used to running their air conditioning unit throughout the fall, a time in which most people in the country have turned off their AC for good. With more unit use comes a number of other issues, such as expensive utility bills and a shortened life cycle of your AC. This is why our technicians seek to offer advice regarding your AC’s function throughout the fall, saving you money in the future and helping you be more energy-efficient overall.

Consider these tips, including but not limited to:

  • Install heat-reflective roofing, as this technology reduces the heat being absorbed by your home. This installation reduces the amount of time you will need to run your unit, and may also be used as a tax break.
  • Reduce your electrical use, as leaving your lights on generates heat and makes your AC unit work harder to cool down your space. Turning off unnecessary lights, TV sets, and other electronic items will make a significant difference.
  • While it is best to reduce your use of appliances, it may be helpful for you to run the bathroom fan. The internal exhaust fan will remove heat and humidity from a room, as it will reduce moisture from the air, improve circulation, and gives your AC unit a break.

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