3 Ways to Naturally Remove Moisture From Your Home


Not only does your air conditioning unit cool your home, but it is also responsible for removing moisture from the air. This feature is crucial for preventing mold and mildew that can damage your property and affect your family’s health. Unfortunately, AC systems don’t always succeed in getting all the moisture from the air. In these cases, homeowners might want to take steps to help their AC systems along. Here are three ways to remove moisture from the air naturally:

  • Air Circulation: If you’re dealing with excess moisture in the home, you might want to consider taking steps to improve your air circulation. Along with running exhaust fans in the bathrooms, it’s a good idea to use a hood fan in the kitchen. Additionally, homeowners can improve ventilation by arranging for a licensed electrician to install vent fans in moisture-rich air rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms, and basement.
  • Moisture Reduction: Along with circulating the air in your home, you can reduce moisture by limiting the use of dehumidifiers and vaporizers. For best results, turn humidifiers off or down when you’re not home and keep drain lines and drip pans clean. Believe it or not, plants can also add moisture to your house, so be sure not to over-water them. If moisture is a serious problem, you might want to consider moving indoor plants outside.
  • Building Repairs: It’s not just the interior components of your home that can contribute to moisture problems. Exterior components like roofs, windows, and doors are also potential issues. If you want to remove moisture naturally, consider making much-needed roof repairs and adding weatherstripping around windows and doors.

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