4 Ways To Avoid Destroying Your AC System


air conditioning unit should last for 15 or more years. However, a neglected unit can stop
working after a mere seven years. At Del-Air, we are passionate about
saving our clients money by preserving their air conditioners for the
long haul. Here are 4 ways to avoid destroying your AC system and instead
keep it running for years to come.

  1. Seek Continuous Service

Hiring a highly-rated technician once a year to service your AC unit is
the best way to prolong the system’s lifespan. Not only will a good
contractor check system charges and refrigerant levels, but he or she
will also clean condenser coils, examine blowers and motors, and brush
out the electrical cabinet.

  1. Change Filters

Experts advise changing the AC unit’s filter at least four times
a year. Not only do dirty filters limit airflow, but they also affect
cooling capacity. As a result, the system has to work harder to achieve
the same results. As an added bonus, changing your filter regularly improves
the quality of air your loved ones are breathing and can even reduce instances
of asthma and allergies.

  1. Don’t Change Temperatures

Constantly turning your AC up or down? This habit creates highs and lows,
forcing the system to work harder and increasing wear and tear.

  1. Look Out for Ice Build-Up on AC

If your AC unit is too small to cool your home properly—or trying
to cool a home on an exceptionally hot day—ice can build up on the
unit. Additionally, a faulty fan can allow moisture to accumulate on the
coils. Not only can ice damage components of the system—like the
motor—but it also affects the overall cooling power, impacting your
family’s comfort.

Protect Your Family’s Comfort with AC Maintenance

It’s no secret that regular tune-ups help keep
air conditioning performance up and repair costs down. With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive
20-plus-point maintenance checklist along with multiple packages to suit
your needs and budget. Call Del-Air at (855) 972-9943 to schedule an appointment for your AC maintenance today. Our goal is to help you get the best mileage out of your unit even
as utility costs continue to rise while ensuring maximum comfort for your
loved ones.