5 Apps that truly help you save money on your energy bill


It’s no secret that energy costs can be significant, particularly
in hot climates like ours, forcing our
air conditioning to work pretty much all year. At Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing,
we want to reduce utility bills without forcing your family to sacrifice
its comfort during the sweltering Florida summers. To that end, we are
constantly looking for the newest tips and tricks for minimizing costs.
Being smart and green go hand-in-hand with these apps designed to help
you save energy on your monthly bills.

  • Kill-Ur-Watts (free): This useful app shows homeowners their energy consumption
    rates in order to help them change bad habits and boost savings. Not only
    is the app free, but it also offers great suggestions for cutting energy spend.
  • Wiser EMS (free): Like Kill-Ur-Watts, Wiser EMS is an app that showcases
    energy usage with helpful charts and graphs. However, it also provides
    infographics for you to view and download. Seeing this information laid
    out in visual form can be a great spur for changing your habits.
  • Energy Cost Calculator (free): Wondering if you’re running too many
    appliances at once? Use this app to assess your energy spend and determine
    the cost of one kilowatt hour of electricity. By turning off a few unnecessary
    appliances during the day, you can go a long way toward cutting your utility costs.
  • Nest Mobile (free): You may have heard of this awesome app that lets you
    adjust your thermostat from other rooms—and even other cities—using
    nothing but your iPhone. Additionally, Nest products provide monitoring
    for smoke and carbon monoxide, so you can rest assured knowing your family
    is safe when you can’t be there (you must have the Nest thermostat
  • Total Connect Comfort by Honeywell (free): Another great app for controlling
    and checking temps, this Honeywell product provides homeowners with alerts
    about their systems to help cut energy spend. Additionally, you can view
    temperatures inside and outside the home to make more appropriate decisions
    regarding your settings (you must have the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat

Let Del-Air Help Cut Your Home Energy Costs

Download some of these apps today to help reduce your energy costs. For
even more energy saving tips, please browse the Del-Air blogs. We offer a variety of suggestions for cutting costs while doing your
part to protect the environment for future generations. Additionally,
we offer preventative
air conditioning maintenance to ensure your system is running strong while maximizing its
lifespan. Trust us to make your family’s comfort our top priority.