5 Of The Most Annoying Things About Your Ac Unit


The technicians at Del-Air Heating and
Air Conditioning understand how important a working system is for maintaining
your family’s comfort throughout the year. And while central air
conditioning has revolutionized home cooling, even the best AC systems
are bound to break down on occasion, needing
AC repair. Although there are hundreds of reasons that your home’s central
AC may require services, there are 5 problems that account for a majority
of climate control failures, and here they are:

  1. Faulty wiring. Not only does poor AC wiring pose a possible fire hazard, but it can also
    prevent the system from getting the power it needs to operate. Additionally,
    wiring can trip the circuit breaker if too much current is passing through it.
  2. Low refrigerant. Also known as freon, refrigerant is the chemical used to cool the air
    within an air conditioning system. In a working AC system, freon should
    last indefinitely. If your refrigerant levels are unusually low, the problem
    could be a leak or other problem affecting your AC.
  3. Outside fan breakdown. Is the fan on your outside AC unit no longer working? A broken fan could
    prevent heat transfer from occurring. As a result, the AC compressor may
    overheat and trip the safety overload for your system. Additionally, a
    broken fan can lead to higher energy bills, as the system can’t
    reject heat effectively.
  4. Outside unit malfunction. If the entire outdoor unit of your AC system is malfunctioning, the problem
    may be related to the power components. To test for fault with the motor
    or compressor, lower the thermostat by five degrees and see if the system
    turns on. If you are still experiencing problems, you should arrange for
    a professional consultation ASAP.
  5. Frozen coil. While it may seem like a small matter, a frozen coil can suggest airflow
    issues affecting overall system efficiency. In the long run, operating
    a frozen AC can cause irreversible damage to the compressor. For best
    results, arrange for regular maintenance so any icing of the evaporator
    coil is detected early, when repairs are less expensive.

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