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Delair Master Logo Heating Ac Plumbing Electrical 2021 Having a fully-functioning AC unit is a must, but do you ever wonder why your energy bill remains consistently high? Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, the leader in AC repair, offers some insights into why that might be happening, as well as tips to minimize energy bills while boosting your family’s comfort in the home.
  • Poor insulation. A house with inadequate insulation can easily affect your home’s comfort level and your energy costs. If you suspect that climate-controlled air is escaping from your property, don’t hesitate to schedule a home energy audit with the professionals.
  • Clogged air filters. Are you blasting the heat or AC to no effect? If so, the problem might be that the filters in your AC system are blocked. Over time, clogged air filters don’t just make your AC unit work harder; they also impact the quality of the air your family is breathing and may exacerbate cases of asthma and allergies. For this reason, it’s important to have your air filters changed by a professional regularly.
  • Leaking ducts. Are some of the rooms in your home warmer or colder than others? If so, the problem could be holes in your air ducts. These gaps allow expensive, climate-controlled air to escape, forcing you to run your system longer and harder to keep your home comfortable.
  • Cracks in weather stripping. When was the last time you inspected your weather stripping? If you notice openings, take the time to seal them with caulk or foam.
  • Sporadic maintenance. If you aren’t scheduling regular tune-ups with a Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning professional, you might be putting your AC system at risk. Not only does annual maintenance keep your unit functional for longer, but it also improves performance and minimizes energy bills.
Cut Sky-High Energy Bills With Help from Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning If you feel that any of these issues are a culprit for your high energy bills, it’s likely time to make that call to Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning. We are ready and able to help with any AC problem you may be experiencing. From preventative maintenance to  AC repair without overtime charges, you can rely on Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning to deliver. For more information about cutting utility costs, call (855) 972-9943, or contact our AC team online.

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