5 Tips For Smart AC Filter Replacement


Replacing your air filter is essential for keeping your AC system working.
Not only does an air filter affect your unit’s cooling power, and
your family’s comfort, but it also impacts the quality of air your
family is breathing and can even send energy bills skyrocketing. At Del-Air
Heating & Air Conditioning, we are passionate about helping homeowners
save money while staying comfortable in their homes. Keep the air flowing
freely through the unit and keep your home comfortable with these five
tips from Del-Air, leaders in
AC service.

  • Determine your filter replacement frequency: As a homeowner, you might
    not know that different air filter types have different lifespans. As
    a result, they need to be changed at various frequencies. Neglecting to
    change your filter at the appropriate time could affect the quality of
    air your family is breathing and even increase the frequency with which
    you suffer from colds and allergy symptoms.
  • Buy your air filters in bulk: Air filters probably aren’t a typical
    item on your shopping list. To ensure you always have a filter on hand,
    consider buying these essential items in bulk.
  • Get in the routine of changing the filters on schedule: Dirty filters wreak
    havoc on your AC system. Not only does neglecting to change your filter
    impact efficiency, making your system work harder to do the same job,
    but it can also result in you having to buy a new AC sooner rather than
    later. We recommend changing them every month when your power bill comes in.
  • Always use a correctly sized air filter: A filter that’s properly
    sized for your AC system will achieve better results than one that is
    too large or too small. In fact, undersized filters can allow dust and
    debris to enter around the edges. If you aren’t sure what size filter
    you have, simply remove it and examine the dimensions. In most cases,
    the length, height, and width are printed on the filter’s side.
  • Don’t guess when it comes to replacing the air filter: Not sure how
    best to complete your air filter replacement? Call the professionals at
    Del-Air for assistance.

Trust Your AC Maintenance to Del-Air

At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, exceeding customer expectations
is our primary goal. We believe that proper maintenance is crucial for
optimal AC function and to help you avoid
AC service. With that in mind, we help remind families to change their AC’s
air filters as part of their normal routines. Additionally, we carry filters
in all the normal sizes and supply custom and odd sizes upon request.
For more information on Del-Air’s maintenance services, please call
(855) 972-9943, or contact our climate control controls pros today.