7 Money-Saving Tips For Your Summer Energy Bill


Did you know that air leaks in the home can cost the average family $350
a year? Fortunately, there are steps you can take to plug these energy-stealing
air leaks and prevent waste. Here are 7 money-saving tips to help you
cut summer energy bills while enjoying greater comfort with your
air conditioning in your own home:

  • Insulate around recessed lights. When not insulated correctly, recessed
    lights allow heat exchanges. By sealing them properly, you can stop cool
    air from escaping and cut utility bills long term.
  • Plug open stud cavities. Doing this prevents air from escaping into uninsulated
    spaces in the attic. For best results, pay close attention to the areas
    above dropped ceilings and soffits, and over the angled part of the ceiling
    above staircases.
  • Close gaps around flues and chimneys. Because building codes mandate that
    wood frames remain 1-2 inches away from flues and chimneys, air is able
    to escape through the gaps. Cover the gaps with aluminum to avoid losing
    both cool air and money.
  • Weatherstrip the attic access door. Installing foam weatherstripping around
    this gap can have a positive effect on your summer utility bills.
  • Use foam in medium-sized gaps. Polyurethane foam is best for medium gaps
    like the ones surrounding plumbing pipes.
  • Caulk little gaps. For smaller gaps, such as those around an electric box,
    caulk is one of the most effective fillers.
  • Close spaces up around windows and doors. One of the most common draft
    sources, window and door openings account for a great deal of wasted energy
    in the home. For best results, seal these openings with caulk and weatherstripping.

Learn More Tips from the Del-Air Team

The average family spends thousands of dollars a year on home heating and
cooling costs. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to cut your monthly
energy bills without sacrificing your family’s comfort and well-being.
For more great suggestions on how to save money on your energy bill, contact the
air conditioning experts at Del-Air at (855) 972-9943 and arrange for one of our highly
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together to slash energy bills this summer.