8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your AC & Lower Your Energy Bill


We know, as well as you do, that
air conditioning is a lifesaver during the scorching summer season. However, rising energy
costs can take a serious chunk out of your monthly budget. Here are some
of Del-Air’s top tips for getting the most out of your AC, while
reducing overall energy spend:

  1. Change Your Filter: Think that dirty filter doesn’t affect the effectiveness of your
    AC system? Think again! An aging or dirty AC filter can reduce your system’s
    efficiency, resulting in higher energy bills over the long term.
  2. Keep Your Manual: Your AC owner’s manual offers tons of useful tips for maximizing
    AC efficiency. If you lost your manual, or tossed it in the trash years
    ago, don’t worry. You can simply look up your AC model number and
    find a copy online.
  3. Purchase a Programmable Thermostat: With a programmable thermostat, families can set their AC temperatures
    higher when they’re at work or school, and lower when they’re
    at home. By running your AC less frequently, you can extend its lifespan,
    while reducing energy costs for the long haul.
  4. Plant a Tree: Planting tree isn’t just good for the environment; it also helps
    reduce energy bills by providing natural shade. As a result, homeowners
    can run their ACs less frequently.
  5. Use Your Grill: Want to cut the temperature in your kitchen? Try cooking outside a few
    times a week. Because grilling keeps the heat outside, you won’t
    have to expend as much energy cooling your home.
  6. Turn Off Unused Appliances: The average homeowner spends $1000 a year on heating and cooling costs.
    To cut down on your energy bill, take a moment to unplug appliances before
    you leave a room. Microwaves, coffeemakers, and laptops may seem small,
    but they all draw power and increase heat.
  7. Improve Insulation: Adding a little extra insulation to your home’s walls and ceilings
    can have a significant effect on your energy bills.
  8. Buy a Fan: While your first instinct may be to go for the AC controls, turning on
    a fan can go a long way towards cutting your energy costs. Additionally,
    homeowners can open their windows at night to let in the breeze.

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