For most of America’s history, only a small number of people lived in the Florida area. One hundred years ago, Orlando had a population of only a few thousand people. Thanks to one invention, however, everything changed: HVAC Orlando units allowed the city (and the state) to thrive.

Commercial Use

Today, Orlando boasts numerous industries like Disney World, Lockheed Martin, and the Kennedy Space Center; only since the mid-1900s have these industries seen Orlando (and Florida) as a viable place of operations. This is because the first commercial HVAC Orlando units were developed and installed in the 1940s, using a fan coil system for refrigeration. These first units have not changed much since then: they still require regular maintenance and had filters that needed to be changed, but today they can manage humidity levels as well as heat.

Residential Use

Though they did not have the power of commercial units, some of the first residential Orlando HVAC units allowed the city’s population to keep a cool home. The first residential HVAC units could only cool an individual room; however, HVAC units today can keep an entire house temperate in blazing weather. With the introduction of residential HVAC, the city’s population exploded, increasing tenfold in the span of only a few decades.

Whether your HVAC is one year old or fifty years old, it needs to be kept in good quality to negate hot weather. Del-Air has the tools and experienced technicians to help repair a faulty unit or install a new HVAC during the hottest summer months.

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