AC Repair: Call before Problems Start

For many homeowners, the air conditioning repair technician is only called when the air conditioner stops functioning. Yet, the technicians offering the AC repair residents trust can be a valuable help before problems start. If you want your air conditioner to function well all year long, you need to call the tech at the beginning of Orlando’s hottest season. Performing Routine Maintenance The first reason to call the tech before problems start is for routine maintenance. Air filters need replacing, connections need tightening and ducts need cleaning. These types of maintenance steps are important because they prevent major problems from starting and help the system to run more efficiently. Before you start putting your air conditioner to the test with the hot and humid summer months, give it a tune up. Stopping Small Problems Before They Grow Small problems with your air conditioner can grow into big ones quickly. Yet small problems often don’t have any signs. So they continue until they escalate into a big, expensive repair job. This doesn’t have to happen. By calling an air conditioner tech for a routine tune up and inspection, you can find some of these problems before they grow, leaving your family without air condition and costing substantial amounts in your family’s budget. Improving Energy Efficiency An added bonus of having your air conditioning system inspected and tuned up once a year is the fact that you will get a more efficient system. Clean air filters, sealed leaks and refrigerant refills all help the system run as efficiently as possible, lowering your energy bills and keeping your family comfortable all summer long. For AC repair homeowners trust the team a Del-Air. Give us a call to schedule an inspection of your system today.  

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