It’s no secret that summers in Florida can be brutal without a working
air conditioner. However, homeowners should know that a functioning AC unit offers far
more than comfort, even contributing to your family’s health and
wellness throughout the year. One of Florida’s leading heating and
air conditioning companies, Del-Air provides expert service to keep your
AC functioning at peak conditions year round. Here are just a few of the
many reasons to ensure your air conditioning system is up to code:

Protect Your Family

In addition to keeping your home comfortable, air conditioning actually
helps to protect your family. Since young children and senior citizens
are particularly prone to heat-related medical issues, they need to stay
in a relatively cool environment. Infants are especially susceptible to
overheating, since they don’t have the ability to regulate their
body temperature in the same way that adults do. In light of the many
risks associated with a lack of air conditioning, it’s only logical
to do everything in your power to maintain your air conditioner
system throughout the year.

Avoid Outdoor Allergens

At best, outdoor allergens are annoying, and at worst, they can be a major
health hazard. Fortunately, installing a simple AC unit eliminates the
need to have windows and doors open throughout your house to keep cool
air circulating. Additionally, air conditioners can greatly reduce the
amount of pollen and potentially dangerous mold that enters your home,
limiting your family’s exposure.

Cut Down on Humidity

Florida is notorious for its humidity. Thankfully, air conditioners also
act as dehumidifiers, removing excess moisture from the air and making
your home more comfortable. By removing moisture, air conditioners also
help to protect the value of your home, since excessive dampness can cause
serious structural damage. Moreover, AC units reduce the growth of mildew
and mold in your home. Eliminating these allergens is a major health benefit,
as prolonged exposure can result in allergic reactions and asthma, as
well as other respiratory issues.

Contact Del-Air for Your AC Needs

When your
Air conditioner is on the fritz, your home can become a truly unpleasant place. Proper
maintenance is the best way to safeguard your family’s health and
comfort throughout the year. Call Florida’s heating and AC experts
today and rest assured knowing we’ll do everything necessary to
keep your system functioning at its best.

How do you ensure your AC unit’s longevity? Also, share other reasons
why you appreciate your AC unit–give it some much needed TLC!