Air Filter Basics


Air conditioning units fail simply because their filters were not properly maintained.
Not only do dirty filters force your system to work harder, causing utility
costs to skyrocket, but they also affect the quality of air your family
is breathing. A local leader in heating and cooling services, Del-Air
offers the following crash course in Air Filters 101 to help customers
keep their systems in good working order:

  • What Is an Air Filter? An air filter is an integral part of your HVAC system, as it removes harmful
    bacteria and allergens from the air. Not only do air filters protect the
    quality of air your family breathes, reducing instances of asthma and
    allergies, but they also help expand the lifespan of your unit.
  • How Often Should an Air Filter Be Replaced? While air filters can technically last for 3 months, Del-Air recommends
    that large families and those owning pets change out their filters on
    a monthly basis. Additionally, allergy sufferers should be sure to replace
    their filters more often.
  • Where Are Filters Found? You can find your air filters inside the return vents, which may be located
    in the ceilings, walls, or inside the system itself.
  • How to Determine Filter Size: It’s crucial that you choose the right air filter for your system’s
    needs. In most cases, you can find the size listed on the side of the
    old filter. However, if you don’t have a filter to view, Del-Air
    can help you determine the right size to purchase.
  • How to Replace Your Filter: Luckily, replacing your air filter is a simple matter. Start by opening
    the return and popping out the old filter. Next, slip the new filter into
    place, following the directional arrows to ensure proper airflow. When
    you’re finished, close the return.

Learn More About Extending the Life of Your AC

Maintaining your air filters is a huge part of extending the life of your
system. Local leaders in
air conditioning, Del-Air offers a wide array of
air filters by top brand manufacturers including Amana, Carrier, and Trane. Additionally, we perform
filter cleaning and maintenance during our regular tune-up visits. For
more tips on proper AC maintenance,
browse the Del-Air blog and then
schedule a repair appointment online.