Do you think changing your air filter is an unnecessary step? Well, think
again! While your AC may still be functioning, a dirty filter hinders
overall system performance while causing your utility bills to skyrocket.
If you suspect your HVAC is no longer functioning at peak efficiency,
don’t hesitate to contact the
air filter experts for a consultation. Our heating and cooling professionals specialize
in both basic maintenance and emergency repair to keep your family cool
and comfortable year round.

There are many good reasons to replace your air filter on a regular basis.
Not only does updating your filter help extend the life of your HVAC system,
but it also improves the quality of air your family is breathing and reduces
your chance of suffering from allergy symptoms. Additionally, replacing
your filter keeps energy costs down because your system doesn’t
have to work as hard to reach the desired temperature. The best time to
change your filter is when the electric bill arrives in the mail or inbox.
The new filter will save you energy and provide you with better air quality.

While it’s clearly important to replace your AC filters, homeowners
should take care when choosing the best types for their HVAC units. At
Del-Air, we offer a wide array of filters ranging from 1 to 6 inches deep as well
as custom-sized filters. Additionally, we supply washable filters like
the Eco-Aire Permanent Residential variety as well as Fiberglass and polyester options.

MERV, or minimum efficiency recording value, is another crucial consideration
for homeowners when measuring the effectiveness of different filters.
At Del-Air, we recommend that our clients choose filters with a high MERV
rating to improve the efficiency of their systems and protect against
airborne contaminants.

Still not sure what air filter is best for your system? At Del-Air, we
have decades of experience selecting both HVAC systems and filters to
meet our client’s specific needs. One of our professional technicians
will sit down with you to discuss what air filter would best serve your
purpose. Additionally, we can help you replace or clean your air filters
each month as part of our maintenance package.

Contact Del-Air for Filter Services

Air filter and HVAC experts,
Del-Air Heating & Cooling, are here for all your sales, services and emergency repair needs. Call
for more information about our HVAC services or
visit our air filter page to browse available units by size or filtration level. We look forward
to preserving your family’s comfort year round.