Del-Air   Just because the AC unit in your home is blowing cold air and keeping you happy inside this summer, doesn’t necessarily mean the air quality is good. Dirt, dust, mold and other particulates can make their way into the atmosphere, making for an unpleasant experience and disrupting inhabitants’ allergies. To have a superior-running HVAC homeowners crave year-round, here are some ideas on how to improve the air quality in your area this summer:
  • Freshen up – without chemicals. Many plug-in air fresheners are filled with unnatural substances that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCS). Instead, opt for naturally scented or fragrance-free products. Also, do away with aerosol air fresheners.
  • Eliminate second-hand smoke. Clean the air with high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) air filters or carbon-activated filters to reduce the risk of asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Give the floors a clean sweep. Vacuum rugs regularly with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. Mop hard floors often and place mats at all doorways that lead into the house from the outside. Remove shoes before entering the home as well.
  • Keep the humidity in check. Maintain the humidity level in your home between 30 percent and 50 percent to ward off mold growth and dust mites. The air conditioner removes some excess moisture, but it wouldn’t hurt to use a dehumidifier, too. Keep indoor humidity at a minimum by using ventilation while bathing, cooking or running the dishwasher; empty out drip pans; and water plants less frequently.
  • Get rid of radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that emits from the soil that lies underneath and around your home. Test your environment for this sneaky cancer-causing gas.
Improving the air quality in your home can be easily achieved, if you follow these guidelines as well as change out the AC’s air filter when it gets dirty. For more tips on caring for an HVAC that residents trust, contact Del-Air at (855) 972-9943.  

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