Sure, we live in Florida, but maybe the high temperatures aren’t necessarily responsible for your high energy bills. The truth is, you may be able to blame your air ducts for those escalated utility costs, or at least what’s collecting inside them. Find out whatTampa air conditioning experts, Del-Air Heating & Air Conditioning, have to say on the subject.

Understanding the Elusive Air Duct

Over time, dirt and dust gather in the air ducts of an AC system. Not only does this debris affect utility costs by forcing the AC to work harder to achieve the same cooling goals, but it also reduces the quality of the air your family is breathing. To minimize these effects, a good AC repair person will remove all registers and cold air returns and clear them of debris before replacing them.

Additionally, debris can create friction in the ducts that affects the movement of air. The friction makes it harder for air to travel, preventing some rooms from enjoying the same cooling benefits. As a result, homeowners may need to run their Tampa air conditioning systems longer and harder to cool their properties. Doing this can also lead to costly AC repairs down the line.

When was the last time you had your air ducts inspected? Over time, debris can result in holes and cracks through which cool air is lost. In fact, experts predict that 30% of air can be lost to holes in the ducts. To minimize losses, homeowners need to arrange for HVAC experts to locate any leaks that may be present and seal them ASAP.

Trust Del-Air with Your HVAC Needs

If you suspect that your ducts are to blame for your high energy costs, don’t hesitate to contact Del-Air today at {F:P:Site:Phone. AsFlorida HVAC technicians, we specialize in maintaining heating and air conditioning systems to keep them functioning at top quality.

Additionally, we give you a price and payment in 10 minutes and strive to complete the installation tomorrow. With over 300 hundred fully-stocked vehicles ready to roll, you’ll never have to wait long for Tampa air conditioning services. Our goal is to keep costs down and comfort levels high for your family.

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