Attic Insulation: A Homeowner’s Must-Do List


During the hot summers, overheated attics transfer a great deal
of heat into the living spaces below. Fortunately, there are steps homeowners
can take to reduce the burden on their AC systems while improving their
family’s comfort throughout the year.
air conditioning service provider, Del-Air, wants you to consider upgrading the insulation your
attic because it is one of the most direct ways to lower your monthly
utility bills, as well as improve indoor comfort in all four seasons.
Here are the two most common insulation options for families:

  • Fiberglass Batts: An effective and inexpensive method of attic insulation, fiberglass batts
    are pre-cut to occupy spaces between attic joints. For best results, take
    care to ensure there are no gaps or compression in the insulation. The
    goal is to fill the stud cavity completely so no voids or gaps remain.
    You should also consider installing additional fiberglass batts insulation
    in areas with lower thermal values like windows and doors. While fiberglass
    batts can be very effective, they may not prevent as much air leakage
    as other forms of insulation such as cellulose loose fill.
  • Cellulose Loose Fill: Manufactured from pulverized bits of paper, wood fiber, and cloth, cellulose
    loose-fill insulation has the advantage of being green-friendly and non-toxic
    as well as effective. In fact, experts estimate that cellulose reduces
    air leakage by up to 70%. Additionally, the fiber is treated with fire retardants
    to protect the safety of your home and family members. While homeowners
    can often install fiberglass insulation on their own, installing cellulose
    requires large hoses and is a bit more complex. For best results, consider
    hiring an expert insulation company to handle your upgrade.

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