During the summer, the number one goal of homeowners is to battle the
heat. Typically, if all systems are going well, the AC provides an immense
amount of relief, maintaining a cool and consistent temperature while
keeping utility bills low.

Yet, lately, it feels like your air conditioner hasn’t been working
to its potential despite you changing the air filter and cleaning the
ducts and equipment. The problem may not be with the AC unit itself, but
with the attic instead.

If you have ever entered your attic or crawlspace during the day in the
dead of summer, you know how hot it can get in there. If your attic isn’t
properly insulated, much of that hot, stagnant air transfers through the
floor below and enters your living space. As a result, the air conditioning
will have to work twice as hard to cool down the house, which puts wear
and tear on the unit and increases monthly energy bills.

When the attic is well-insulated, it blocks the heat from moving beyond
the confines of the attic Insulation that lines the ceiling and retards
radiant heat from glaring through the roof. Insulation that lines the
attic floor stops heat from passing through the ceiling to the living
areas underneath. The biggest culprits of heat transference are areas
of weather sealing and the attic hatch, so make doubly sure the seams
are well-insulated.

An exhaust fan may also be installed to lower the temperature of the attic.
The double-whammy of good insulation plus ventilation will be no match
for the heat. You’ll begin to experience more comfortable
indoor temperatures and lower utility bills once again.

The heat should not make your home unbearable during the summer.
Del-Air can help cool down your attic — and the rest of your house
— if you call

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