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Del-Air Just because a AC repair service promises bargain-basement pricing doesn’t mean you can count on the company to fulfill its promises. A repair performed by a reputable and experienced technician is worth the cost because this individual isn’t going to “find” other problems along the way to inflate your bill. Additionally, you can count on skilled technicians to install parts correctly, so they will last you longer. Danger of Unreliable AC Companies While quality AC companies hire talented professionals capable of meeting your needs, less scrupulous contractors often seek out shortcuts. Additionally, they take advantage of clients by performing shoddy repairs that can’t be inspected easily. In many cases, the repairs last for the standard warranty period but tend to break down after. Here are some signs that your AC company performed a ‘budget repair’ on your system:
  • It’s noisier than usual.
  • It’s more prone to breaking down.
  • It’s a safety hazard.
  • It’s less efficient.
If your air conditioning system is demonstrating one of more of the above signs, you might have been the victim of bargain AC repairs. Under these circumstances, it’s important that you contact Del-Air ASAP to correct the problem. How to Know When Your Repair has been Done Right:
  • Its Look: The interior of a system that’s properly purged will look untarnished. However, systems that weren’t purged well are likely to develop scaling. In the long run, scaling can lead to compressor failure and necessitate expensive repairs down the line.
  • A Load Test was Performed: This evaluation is crucial to ensure system sizing is correct.
  • The Technician Offered Duct Sealing: This step is essential when installing a new cooling system. If the repair person doesn’t offer to seal ducts, he or she probably doesn’t have the skills for the job.
Trust Del-Air to Repair Your AC Right the First Time No one wants to pay more than they have to for air conditioning service. However, finding the right  AC repair experts will save you serious money in the long run. For expert help on installations, repairs, or general maintenance,contact our Del-Air professionals today. We look forward to showing you what the professionals can do.  

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