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Your thermostat controls the heating and cooling of your home by comparing
the ambient temperature of the room to the desired setting, which is one
of the most crucial components of your HVAC system. Your thermostat will
make an adjustment if the air in the house is too warm or too cool.

While thermostats are generally reliable, problems can arise if your HVAC
system isn’t properly maintained. Here are some tips for detecting
problems with your home’s thermostat from the
heating services experts at

Adjust Heat

Heater not working properly? The problem may not be with your HVAC system
but your thermostat. To test that your thermostat is functioning properly,
try setting your room’s temperature 5 degrees higher or lower than
usual. If the heater or AC doesn’t kick on right away, then you
may be dealing with a faulty thermostat. Many thermostats also make a
clicking noise when adjusted, so listen to see if the thermostat is indeed
transmitting signals to the furnace.

Check Setting

Another way to check that your thermostat is working properly is to assess
the settings. Along with ensuring that the thermostat is properly set
to heat or AC, you should check that the ON switch has been flipped. Additionally,
homeowners should ensure that there are no programming overrides that
could be affecting their system’s performance.

Time to purchase a new thermostat for your home? You may want to consider
one of the newer automatic systems. Programmable thermostats let you set
the temperature in your home to various prescribed levels throughout the
day and night with different options for weekdays and weekends. As a result,
these devices often pay for themselves in utility-bill savings throughout the year.

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